Clean and Renewable Energy

For BEV’s and FCEV’s



Where GREEN ELECTRICITY is not truly ‘GREEN’:

Altough 'ZE-vehicles' are helpfull in reducing local (toxic) emissions like NOx and Pm10, the fact is, that in many (EU) countries, about 95% of the grid-electricity comes from ‘fossile fueled’ energy plants so "well to wheel" effects on lowering the CO2 emissions won't be significant.


It would help however if the transition from ICE-vehicles to BEV’s or FCEV’swould go hand in hand with a tremendous rise in  harvesting and deploiying fossile free energy. Well, specially on the latter in urban areas, both financial experts as technicians are quite sceptical with regards to unwanted side effects and dangers of a collapssing local grid's, due to unforeseen "fast-charge" peaks of a massive and concentrated BEV' fleet. 

By thinking out of the box, Geo-Smart21 has worked out different transition plans that can cope with these rather complex matters. 

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