“The quality goes on long after the price is forgotten.” 

(Rolls Royce)

Talking about bad habits...


Climate Friendly Energy

… Ours to spent many many Liters, Gallons, tons or kWh’s for everything we do or enjoy. If we want to keep on doing so, changing the way how, will be unavoidable.

A transition to innovative energyplants that will produce CLIMATE FRIENDLY ENERGY and can  keep up with growing demands within the span off economical rate's and needs for investment (temporay grants of governments won't will be viable on longer terms)  will create a major challenge for the coming decennia.

This, not to mention the safety risks connected to a single energy and grid-solution for all activities like information, mobility, transport, rescue etc.

The EU dimension to which Geo-Smart21.eu aligns:

  1. 1.  'The Court of Justice of the EU has reprimanded two member states for not protecting the environment, in separate rulings on Thursday (22 February 2018)'. In these matters a penalty of 5.000.000 Euro (click on amount) has been issued to Greece. 

  2. 2.  The European Union has a whole Directorate General dedicated to the Energy & Climate Issues, click Here for more info.

Energy is such a priority that the European Union has been baptised: Europe-The # EnergyUnion. Currently 50% of our energy is imported at a cost of Euro … every day!

Past policies made that our electricity wholesale prices are 20-30% more expensive those in the USA

Past policies made that our gas wholesale prices are 100% more expensive than those in the USA

For 2030, the EU engaged itself to 

  • at least 40% cuts in greenhouse gas emissions (from 1990 levels).

  • at least 27% share for renewable energy.

  • at least 27% improvement in energy efficiency

Conclusion: Welcome to Europe, the Innovation and Energy Union for Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth in a Green and Circular Economy.  At Geo-Smart21.eu we are 100% in line and ready.  Join our cooperative venture gate alliance or call us to bring you in line with these EU directives, avoid penalties and challenge the competition with our products and services.

More on this topic: EU Directorate General for Energy 

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