The drive of...

Sven Aerts

  1. Post Grad. Engineer Chemistry-Biochemistry-Environmental Technologies

  2. Post graduated in International relations and Finance

  3. Car Mechanic – Alternative Vehicles

  4. Makes sure the group’s strategy aligns with and it is clear to others we are ready to cooperate along Agenda21, the Sustainable Development Goals and the Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. This to maximize support from and feedback into Governmental Research, 

  5. Initializing and promoting innovation, Networking Events and programs, Calls for Proposals, European Investment Bank, Grants, Loans, Equity participation, CO2e Funding, Green Economy Funding, Funding & programs by the EU Directorate Generals that shape Smartly Organized Sustainable Transport.  

  6. Setting up the required Venture gate for Manufacturing, Marketing and Selling ZE and ULE Vehicles and connected clean energy harvesting systems. This at the best cost and balanced risk for it, is my drive.

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