“The quality goes on long after the price is forgotten.” 

(Rolls Royce)


On this page you learn more about:


The GEO-SMART21 focus…

will be set on smart/optimal combinations
for two types of projects:

1. Modification of Zero and/ or Ultra Low Emission vehicles  to fit the needs of  those who need to drive all day round.


2. New concepts for sharing vehicles and alternative ways of commuter mobility and transport.


Representing your interests at EU levels

To prevent SME's from falling behind..

... your company plans and tactics, should be lined up with EU-strategies:

1. To really keep up with all plans and            efforts  performed on this level, would        require many hours or even extra              FTE’s.

2. A more effective way to prevent your          company from missing out or being            passed without a notice, will be                  introduced soon.
For this, GEO-SMART21 attends EU meetings, joins workshops and  works out effective campaigns within the fields of interest to the cooperative and its members. 

“Be informed and act, before it already happened.” 

(The Team)


Provide advice and support

In general our supporting platform for member SME’s focusses on:

1. Workshops how to modify or convert Zero or Ultra Low Emission vehicles for specific duty.

2. Be informed of new oppertunities EU will offer to                SME’s that are awake and capable.

3. Helping you finding your way to be part of it.


More specific:

GS21 has developed an extensive training program and several customized courses on the ‘hot topic’s’ like how to optimize the charging operations on a fleet of E-buses or

E-vans in a real life, no nonsense practice of every day, still staying within economically viable borders. These services are highly recommended for fleet owners and their management staff.

The GS21 number one training is all about the E-Mobility basic fact’s and numbers. It is focused on about 50 items or so, but you will have to know and understand them, or have them accessible at all times when you are in sessions where E-Mobility is a key topic.

These fact’s and numbers will be presented to you on spreadsheets which you can use and alter for your own cases. This way you will see through and deal with impossible claims or expectations from competitive parties. To mention some (you will have to know them):


●    The way battery packages can vary due to format and used technology, this in terms of cost, lifecycle, weight, volume, peak performance,           max (dis)charge and safety.


●    The impact alternative driveline concepts can have on the weight and performance and also the over all running costs of BEV’s, PHEV’s or         FCEV’s.


Solutions on request by GEO-SMART21

Our number one consulting product is our GS21 Kick-Off package & strategic management session:

●    Interviews: several of your key managers will be                interviewed by GS21, so we get familiar with your              organisation. 

●    SWOT: analysing this, we will point out a direction for        your organisation to evolve to a higher level, meet              new challenges and empower your business network.

●    In line with this action plan, we will also draft a                    proposal for enhancing your web presentation(s), so          this will provide optimal support and results over a              longer period of time

Parallel to the GS21 Kick-Off package we also offer a compressed workshop (one day) to make your managing team familiar with the basics. Also the most important facts to endorse and/or take part in sustainable mobility or road transport projects will be revealed:

●    Forenoon program: making sure everybody is familiar with the basic terminology and provide understanding of realistic and kernel data            regarding sustainable mobility and road transport solutions.

●    Afternoon program: the leadership here lies in the hand of your team and network members you have invited to this strategic                            management session. Based on the gained insights from the forenoon session, your team will start brainstorming, drafting a proposal              and including a tactical action plan. Of course the GS21 team will coach and support them during the whole work out.

●    This will lead to a number of recommendations, for instance: 

1.    How many resources they advice your board to free up, so your company will successfully advance to a higher level and/or the next                 stage.

2.    Likewise, numbers of human resources (how many hours per week/day for how many fte’s and during which period. 

3.    What will be the foreseen budget to fulfil this written out action program and accomplish the goals that were pointed out.


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